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The World Ruling Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

by Ron

The Uwell brand is doing pretty well with its series of Caliburn vape devices. One of the best in the series is the Caliburn G pod kit which has retained its popularity since its release in 2019. The kit has been one of Uwell’s products ruling the world of vapes. This MTL device is outstanding due to its slender and lightweight structure. Caliburn G features the best uwell coils┬ácompatible with most devices in its series. If one is looking to upgrade to a more efficient e-cigarette, this device is what to select in the market.

All You Need to Know About the Caliburn G Pod Kit

The Caliburn G pod kit is a device that will serve a vaper for a long time. Its quality properties ensure that the vaper does not miss any vaping experience because of malfunctioning or other issues. It is right to say that this device should be your top choice if you are tired of a vape kit malfunctioning in the middle of your vaping session. Here is the information one must know before purchasing a Caliburn G kit.

Contents in the package

  • One user manual
  • One Caliburn G kit
  • One type-C USB cable
  • Two Caliburn G Coil (0.8 Ohms each)
  • One Caliburn pod cartridge


The Uwell brand is keen on ensuring Caliburn G’s seamless design. The brand altered the kit’s original design, making users receive the device very well. The new Caliburn G pod is a bit wider, shorter, and thicker than the original model, but it retains the long and slender design of the Caliburn G kit series.

It is a product of zinc-alloy material which makes it incredibly light and has ribbed lines through its sides to enhance the perfect grid and minimize slipping. The kit has a firing button with a bronze-like ring that shows elegance and class. The kit’s mouthpiece is also its filling cap. The device attaches to its different parts with simple clicks. The structure can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid.

Operation capabilities

Caliburn G e-cigarette device operates in varying airflows thanks to its inventive airway structure, allowing the user to have a double vaping experience. The kit’s air inlet and the pod’s air inlet must be close to one another for the vaper to experience regulated direct-to-lung vape. However, the two air inlets must be far from each other for the vaper to experience the ultimate mouth-to-lung vape.

Battery and coils

The Caliburn G operates with a 690 mAh battery that provides a high power outage of 15 watts. Users can recharge the device using the type-C USB cable in the kit package. The battery takes 40 to 45 minutes to attain full charge, which is pretty quick. The charge gives you time to vape up to 2 pods of e-liquid before there is a need to recharge again. The kit uses replaceable coils of 0.8 Ohm. The package includes two coils suitable for the Caliburn G vape device.


The Caliburn G pod kit is rapidly becoming most vapers’ favorite e-cigarette device. It is entirely understandable since the equipment has a performance that most vape devices in the market have tried to beat without success. The ease of operation of this device makes it even better.

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