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Explain On-demand manufacturing and the technologies used in it.

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With the advancement of technologies, industrialization has become advanced also. There are many changes occurred in the field of industrialization. One of the most beneficial changes that occurred in this field is the transformation from traditional manufacturing to On demand manufacturing.

On-demand manufacturing.

In this process, the products are produced when they are ordered and required. No stock is being collected on a vast scale for marketing. A low and average amount of products can be produced in this process with low costs expenditures.

It’s functioning.

It works when the order is placed by customers to a specific company and the company passes this order to manufacturers. A smooth flow of cash from customer to company and company to the manufacturer is entertained as the first beneficial quality of on-demand manufacturing.

On-demand manufacturing is used by companies.

Many companies are using modern technology of on-demand manufacturing to meet their needs and fulfill their tasks.

Textile industry

Textile industries use on-demand manufacturing processes to produce a required amount of goods and products. Fashion industries save their stock from being wasted by this process.

Healthcare field

Traditional manufacturing cannot meet the needs of Healthcare and medical field products manufacturing. So on-demand manufacturing is proven as more beneficial in this field.

Aerospace industry

On-demand manufacturing is proven as more beneficial to produce low-quantity but best-quality products of the aerospace industry than traditional manufacturing.

Technologies used in on-demand manufacturing.

Different modern technologies are applied to the manufacturing On- demand. Such as 3D printing, FDM, CNC machining, etc to carry out the process to fulfillment of given tasks.

Fused filament fabrication.

A melted Fused wire is used to make the desired shape of products.

Optical fabrication

A high-powered laser is used in this process to harden the layers of resins to manufacture desired products.

Sheet metal forming

It is one of the expensive processes to deform the metal sheet into the required product through different methods. Different technologies can help to reduce expenses while maintaining high-quality products.

Injection molding

It is a cheap method of forming a desired part or product by using plastic resins at large or small scale.

CNC machining

CNC machining is very beneficial to produce any shaped material of any kind with different technologies.

3-dimensional printing

It is very helpful in the plastic reforming process. It is one of the cheap methods to get desired products.

Selective Laser sintering

In this process, the desired shape of the product is made by laser, sintering a nylon and polyamide-based powder to make it a solid shape.

Direct metal laser sintering

This process uses metal powder to produce the, desired shape of the product. On-demand manufacturing uses this process to manufacture goods with high quality.

Factors that caused the emergence of on-demand manufacturing

Few factors have played role in its evolution in the industrial field. Which has changed the concept of industrialization of starting a small business. These factors are modern equipment and modern technologies used in the manufacturing process, the vast scope of e-commerce and logistics, and manufacturing through digital technology.

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