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Measures to put in place before parking lot light installation

by Ron

A company can be considered to be incomplete if it doesn’t have a spacious parking space. The parking lot serves as the entry and exit point for customers daily. Often, the parking lot witnesses a flurry of activities and movement during the festive season. The parking lot is usually well illuminated during the day, but the same cannot be said for the night. Parking lot lighting is often needed in these parking lots at night to improve visibility. Adiding parking lot lights provide sufficient illumination in such spaces.

Failure to provide an excellent parking lot lighting system could result in heavy traffic. Also, the crime rate around the parking lot becomes heightened when it’s not adequately illuminated. There is a variety of parking lot lights, but the LED bulbs offer more efficiency. Here are a few actions to take when you feel the need to construct parking lots of lights in your parking space.

Environmental conditions

Weather: If your store is located in a place bound to witness a massive windstorm, you should look to install light poles that can withstand it. You must have come across pole lights that start to blink when the rain becomes torrential. Having an inefficient lighting system in place is likely to be a drawback for your business. LED lighting bulbs are designed to power on through the harshest of weather. These bulbs have been fortified during the production phase, and you can count on steady illumination during a rainstorm.

Soil bearing capacity: Just as in the case of structures, it’s essential to know the bearing capacity of the soil in the proposed parking lot. You should be able to ascertain if the ground can carry the pole lightweight over an extended time. If the soil doesn’t meet the required standards, specific measures must be put in place before installing the lights.

Maintenance requirements

There’s no task that is as hectic as replacing a damaged pole light in the parking lot. Often, such a procedure might require total replacement of the pole and cables. It would be best if you looked to acquire a proper lighting system that’ll serve on the long term basis. Also, some parking lot light bulbs are often difficult to replace due to the rarity of the product.


Everyone likes to acquire gadgets that will give good value for money; it’s the same with parking lot lights. Your LED light should serve you optimally for years without a need for replacement. Here are a few things that show the efficiency of your parking lot lights.

Brightness: It’s no fun to erect a lighting pole that barely covers a section of your parking lot. A proper light pole should not cast shadows of cars parked in the space as it could provide an avenue for burglars.

Area of coverage: You should determine how far the illumination from each bulb can help you know the amount to install.

Final Thought

You mustn’t leave out any details when it comes to the installation of parking lot lights. This article points you in a helpful direction regarding getting the most out of your parking lot lights.

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